How Do Physical Laborers Become Wealthy?

It is always fun to hear about a mechanic or a maid who leaves over a million-dollar estate to a college or charity. How do they do it?

In every case, they do what most people won’t. They work long hours. They often work multiple jobs. They live below their means. They invest and allow the money to compound.

It comes down to choices. Are you willing to try something that nobody else is trying? Back in the 90’s an old man told me that he grew up as an orphan. He ran away from the orphanage. He told me that he never had trouble finding a job during the depression.

An example, was a group of men milling around looking for work. “I saw a man working a jackhammer. Every few minutes, someone would come and talk with him. He’d put down the jackhammer and walk away for a while then come back. The third time he came back, I was working the jackhammer. I had a job. A lot of men were standing around. I was the only one that took initiative.”

That old man told me he was worth about $750,000. You’d never guess it to look at him.

What about your choices? Do you buy the latest fashions and toys for yourself and your family? That is a choice. You would rather have that experience than be wealthy. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not judging your choices. I just want to be clear that you did make choices. I could argue that having a wonderful life with your family is more important than wealth. How many of the wealthy have healthy relationships, are still happily married, and have wonderful well-adjusted children?

Many more of us could become wealthy if we really wanted to. We would have to do things that we don’t want to do. We might have to live with relatives or friends and share expenses for a while.

We also have to understand business at a very basic level. We have to do more than just understand. We have to take actions based on that understanding. We have to create a little bit of investment and allow it to compound.

The takeaway is: don’t judge the wealthy for their choices. Choose for yourself for your own happiness.

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