What Was Jesus’ Teaching?

I’m reading The Gospel of Thomas (translation and annotation by Stevan Davies) and listening to the History of Christianity (by Luke Timothy Johnson).

Always good to remember that the victors write history. In the History of Christianity, the teaching of Jesus is given about 3 sentences and described as difficult to understand. The course is over 17 hours long. The primary points of modern Christianity happen after the death of Jesus and what he actually taught is seldom considered.

The Gospel of Thomas is only about Jesus’ teaching. It is about how to live. Seek and you will find.

While studying marketing, I learned three different sales levels. 1) I’ll teach you. 2) I’ll help you. 3) I’ll do it for you. Most people will opt for 3. They don’t want to learn and have to do the work.

In my opinion, that has been the appeal of orthodox Christianity and why it has been victorious. Not only do you not have to work, you are told you can’t do it. But through mere statement of belief, you will be saved after death – which nobody can prove.

Do whatever brings you happiness. As for me, I’ll continue to seek the truth.

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I’m a retired chiropractor, real estate broker, married for 45 years with 4 children, 6 grandchildren. I completed the MBA and pre-med curriculums and worked for IBM for 3 years before going back to chiropractic college.

Now I spend my time taking care of grandkids, reading, thinking, teaching, and speaking. I enjoy helping others succeed.


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