What If You Could Get a 10-100 Times Return on Your Tuition?

Can you imagine getting a 10-times return on your investment in your education? For investments we think in terms of percentages. If I get a 10% return, I expect to earn $10 per year for every $100 invested. A 10 times return would be $10 earned for every dollar invested. That is my goal with Affolter Academy.

How many dollars would you like to invest if you could get a 10x return? The first question most people ask, “What is the catch?”

The question is quite appropriate. The answer is the same for all education. You must change your behavior and use the education. I have a friend who invested a lot of money and several years of her life to earn a law degree at Harvard. She teaches piano lessons for a living. The return on her law degree is zero. She doesn’t use it.

There is talk about a student loan crisis. Here is the cause of the problem: Students are taking out loans for degrees that they do not use to earn more money. It is simple.

I’m only talking about tuition. What about time? What about opportunity cost? Opportunity cost is what it cost you because you did not do something else.

If you were making $40,000 per year and quit to get a four-year degree, your opportunity cost is $160,000. You gave up $40,000 per year for four years.

You should add that to the cost of tuition. Imagine spending $40,000 on tuition. In our example your total cost of education would be $200,000. A 10 percent return would be $20,000 per year. If you were making $40,000 per year before your education and are making $60,000 per year after your education, that looks like a 10% return to me. Using the entire $20,000 would take you 10 years to pay off the loan with no interest. During those 10 years, you would be spending no more than you spent before your education – $40,000.

It is important to think about time and opportunity cost in addition to tuition. Unfortunately, most of our education is not based on mastery of a subject or on what the student can do after obtaining a degree. The education is based on how many hours students spend in class. Our system drives up opportunity cost.

Now look at the professions. Professional training teaches how to practice the profession. It teaches how to pass a licensing exam. It seldom teaches how to be an entrepreneur and how to get a return on investment.

What if we turned everything around? What if you could get the basic business education necessary for success, quickly and inexpensively?

What if instead of a 10% return, you could get a 10x return? What if you could get a 100x return? That is my goal for you with my course, 20-20 Business Education for Healthcare Entrepreneurs. The course is listed for $199.99. I want you to net $2,000 to $20,000. However, it is up to you. Remember the catch, you must use the education.

I’ll show you the basics of bookkeeping, how to value businesses, finance, business structures, marketing and negotiation. I’ll walk you through it in 20 minutes per day for 20 days. You could be like my wife and save hundreds on a car deal. Or, like me and negotiate a home deal to save thousands. Perhaps you’ll change your business structure to save thousands in taxes.

On day 19, I’ll give you a system for setting your personal income goal. On day 20, I’ll give you an example of how to achieve your income goal. I’ll give an example of going from $60,000 to $80,000. That would be a 100x return on your investment (ignoring your 7 hours of opportunity cost).

Even more important, I’ll teach you something that was the basis of a $1000 course on commodity trading. The teacher had read a book that changed his life. When he became successful, he made an agreement with the author’s widow to sell the books. They were included in the course.

I learned a method of mind control. In Napoleon Hill’s block buster book, Think and Grow Rich, he said that you are closest to your creator when you are controlling your mind. However, he didn’t give the experience. You will get the experience, PLUS the philosophy, physics and biology behind it. Controlling my mind has made such a difference in my life, I don’t know how to value it.

To make this even sweeter, you can use this coupon to get $20 off if you act by March 17, 2023. The course is on Udemy, one of the leaders in online education. Udemy even offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Get started today. Consider the opportunity cost of not acting now!!

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Now I spend my time taking care of grandkids, reading, thinking, teaching, and speaking. I enjoy helping others succeed.


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