What Is the Most Important Thing You Ever Learned?

We often think about information, when we think about learning. An ah-ha for me was when I realized there are two basic definitions of intelligence. One definition is information. You’ve probably seen a movie where someone asks for the latest “intel”. They want the latest information. Think of it as data.

The second definition of intelligence is the ability to adapt to new and trying situations. That could be thought of as skill. It isn’t just knowing data. It is doing something.

When you learn a marketable skill, you increase your value. You sell your services to people who need them.

That is important when you are thinking about your education. What skills will you acquire? Who will need those skills? How much will they pay?

Along with those questions consider the time and cost of education. Will you enjoy doing the skill? Will you be good at it?

Interestingly, the most important skill I learned wasn’t directly marketable. I learned it very quickly. Although it took a lot of practice, I became very good at it. When I use it, it has brought me happiness and stopped me from pointless arguments and upsets.

That skill? The ability to control my thoughts. Some think it is impossible. Some think they are doing it, when they really aren’t.

I enjoyed the teaching of the Unity minister, Jack Boland. Jack compared the mind to a puppy on a leash. The puppy wants to go sniff the fire hydrant, pee on a tree, and pick up trash. You can either train the puppy to heel, or you can allow the puppy to lead you around.

Neuroscience seems to be telling us that our consciousness happens about a half a second after our brain changes. You may start to hit the brakes on your car before you are aware of the decision. Interesting!!

Does that mean that we have no free will? Does our brain change and a consciousness program in the brain gives us a simulation of control?

Or, do we cause the brain to change and as a result have an experience in consciousness? I favor this one. I change my brain. I can program my brain to act unconsciously and I can change it for conscious decisions. I can stop that stream and decide not to think certain thoughts. Sometimes that can be very difficult, especially if a strong emotion is attached.

I have found that the process has allowed me to evaluate myself. I can evaluate the judgements that I’ve accumulated over my life. I can change the ones that don’t suit the person I want to become.

Success is reaching a desired objective. You cannot be successful if you cannot set your objective. The first step is getting control of your brain and making your own decisions. That is how you give up who you are to be the person you want to be.

That is the most important thing I ever learned.

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I’m a retired chiropractor, real estate broker, married for 45 years with 4 children, 6 grandchildren. I completed the MBA and pre-med curriculums and worked for IBM for 3 years before going back to chiropractic college.

Now I spend my time taking care of grandkids, reading, thinking, teaching, and speaking. I enjoy helping others succeed.


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