Politics: Focus on Issues – Not People

My friend, Rick Raddatz, has established Pentanomics, a new way of thinking about politics. He divides issues into things we can prove and things we can’t prove.

If we can prove an approach is correct, then we should do that. If we cannot prove an approach is correct, then we should negotiate a way forward and test our decision. However, our negotiation should be based on what we can prove.

In both cases, we are looking at issues and not people.

We are also not looking at political parties.

We now have politicians stepping forward to run for President of the United States. Too often they simply attack each other. Their supporters define themselves, not by issues, but by which candidate they support.

What if we gave up the political labels? What if we gave up personal attacks? What if we all worked to make America better?

Focus on issues not people.

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